Speaker Ryan in Estonia: the US commitment to NATO is resolute

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, promised during his visit to Estonia that his country’s commitment to NATO is resolute and the US is ready to confront global security challenges, including those coming from Russia.

Ryan visited Estonia on 22 April, leading a bipartisan delegation, during which he met with the Estonian prime minister, Jüri Ratas; the foreign minister, Sven Mikser, the country’s president, Kersti Kaljulaid; and other officials.

The Office of the Speaker said in a statement that throughout the trip, “the message from the bipartisan delegation was clear and an unambiguous: our commitment to NATO is resolute, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies to promote prosperity and confront global security challenges, including from terrorism and Russian aggression”.

Ryan also addressed the investigation into Russian meddling with the US election last year, saying that the US is trying to “figure out exactly what is it they did and how they did it so that we can help, equip and assist our allies to prevent the same kind of thing happening to them”.

Ryan, Ratas and Mikser also discussed the role Estonia plays as the eastern border of the NATO alliance, and the US commitment to deterring Russian aggression in the region.

The members of the delegation also met with American Marines and soldiers stationed in Estonia, and were hosted for a dinner by president Kaljulaid.


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2 thoughts on “Speaker Ryan in Estonia: the US commitment to NATO is resolute”

  1. Richard Spiller

    Ryan is not a trust worthy mind . Pay attention , Trump is saying something else . Ryan, Estonia is clearly aware of Russian cyber attacks . You cant help them, pay attention they can help you .

    1. Valerie Volk Sober

      Who are you? I really like your comment. Are you Estonian? Estophile? Just well informed?

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