Tallinn creates a crisis reserve made up of volunteers

The Estonian capital, Tallinn, is setting up a reserve of emergency personnel made up of volunteers working in various institutions in the city, with the aim of assisting the municipal police if needed and ensuring the continuity of local government services in the event of a crisis.

Deputy mayor Tiit Terik emphasised the city’s commitment to improving crisis resilience and ensuring the safety of residents.

“To achieve this, we are carrying out various activities, ranging from the establishment of shelters and resilience centres to the planning of emergency supplies and training for residents. The creation of the interdepartmental reserve, made up of employees of the city’s institutions, is also one of the steps we are taking to improve our crisis preparedness,” Terik said.

The municipal police play a leading role in improving crisis preparedness and responding to real crises when they occur.

The municipal police are also the coordinator and trainer of the volunteer crisis reserve, working with the Estonian Rescue Board, the Defence League, the Police and Border Guard Board and the Red Cross in the project.

The Tallinn City Government building. Photo by Oop, shared under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED licence.

Margo Irve, the head of the crisis preparedness sector of the municipal police, described the volunteer reserve as important for ensuring the continuity of services during a crisis.

“Various crises have shown us the importance of being prepared. Volunteers will assist at evacuation points, crisis centres and resilience centres to ensure the functioning of local government services and provide assistance to residents,” Irve said.

For those who have joined the volunteer reserve, the municipal police will organise training sessions on evacuation, first aid, communication and other practical skills needed in a crisis.

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