The US to allocate USD5 million for radar equipment on the Estonian-Russian border

The United States will allocate USD5 million to support the construction of radar systems at the Estonian-Russian border to improve the frontier’s electronic surveillance.

Andres Anvelt, the Estonian minister of the interior, said the construction of the country’s eastern border is important to Estonia, the European Union and NATO.

“Therefore this needs to be done thoroughly and to last for generations,” he noted in a statement, adding that the full construction of the border will be one of the biggest challenges for the country and he is glad that partners from outside Estonia also contribute to it.

The construction of radar systems at the Narva River consists of projecting and constructing a radar tower, the radar, cameras, electricity, access roads, communications, an alarm system and more. Constructing those positions significantly improves guarding of the border on the Narva River and makes it easier to discover illegal border crossings, the ministry of the interior said.

Estonia’s goal is to build the most modern state border in the European Union, fully covered with electronic surveillance that would do justice to the external frontier of NATO and the EU.

The entire project is budgeted to cost over €70 million (USD82 million).


The cover image is illustrative (Shutterstock).

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