INFOGRAM: Estonia has the third fastest public Wi-Fi in the world

According to Rotten WiFi, a global WiFi and 3G/4G testing and evaluation service, Estonia has the third fastest public WiFi in the world, behind Lithuania and Croatia.

Rotten’s users have measured and evaluated the quality of public hotspots in 172 countries worldwide, testing hundreds of networks. The collected data revealed the top 20 countries with the best public WiFi.

“The majority of countries in the top 20 are located in Europe, only couple in America and one in Asia. The leading position is taken by Lithuania with the average download speed of 15.4 Mbps and upload 14.17 Mbps, not far behind Croatia with the average download speed of 14.05 Mbps and upload speed of 11.21 Mbps, followed by Estonia with the recorded average download speed of 13.75 Mbps and upload of 12.04 Mbps,” Rotten said in its blog.

Cover photo: VisitEstonia.

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