Estonian company launches a cross-border app to find lost pets

An Estonian startup called PetWorld Global, has launched an app that helps pet owners across the world identify their lost pets and reunite them with their owners.

So far, dog microchips are only registered in the country of origin. The new solution helps track lost pets wherever they and their owners are.

The company founder, Monika Laneman, came up with the idea when she lost her Estonian-microchipped dogs in Italy. Fortunately, the dogs were found with the help of the local police, but it made her wonder about a global solution that can locate the owners of lost pets regardless of which country they’re in.

For the PetFinder Global app to function, pet owners have to register their animals on the company website, order a personal PetID for the pet, link it to their pet’s registration and then attach it to the pet’s collar.

The company launched its solution in Monaco and its app is available for iPhone from the App Store.


The cover image is illustrative (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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