Estonian investors to invest up to €750,000 in tech startups

The Estonian investment fund, Superangel, founded by entrepreneurs and investors Veljo Otsason, Rain Rannu and Marek Kiisa, will invest up to €750,000 in innovative startups through its Alpine House programme.

According to Otsason, a founding partner at Superangel, the company will invest in startups with a high growth potential that work on solving important problems, changing the world and making people’s lives better. “Superangel sets its eyes on software, smart hardware and robotics, with special interest in applications of AI, machine learning, deep neural networks, computer vision or natural language processing,” the fund said in a statement.

The founders of Superangel and its investors have been at the birth of many startup success stories, eg Bolt, Monese, Veriff, Fortumo, PlanetOS, GrabCAD, Scoro, Pipedrive and TransferWise, the fund noted.

Tech startups can apply for a spot at Base Camp hackathon, arranged by Superangel and Garage48. Up to five teams at the hackathon will receive an offer to join the Alpine House program, which includes an investment of up to €150,000.

“Superangel’s location-independent Alpine House acceleration and company building programme will host the startups for 12+ months,” the fund said. “The participants will receive support and advice from experienced founders and Superangel investors. Additionally, the startups will meet several renowned experts from different areas, for example Priit Salumaa (co-founder of Mooncascade), Mari Joller (founder and CEO of Snackable) and several Garage48 longtime mentors, such as Joao Rei, Jaanus Jagomägi and Romet Tagobert. Superangel will also take the participants to the markets in the US, Singapore, Canada or Europe.”

Sifr, one of the participating companies at Alpine House’s programme. Photo by Marina Bachmann.

Taking into account the needs of startups

“The Alpine House programme and the Base Camp hackathon have been designed to take into account actual needs of startups,” Otsason said. “Base Camp is an exclusive 48-hour hackathon, designed for startups that already have a working prototype and want to build the next version of their product and reach the next level in their strategy – this is where a close cooperation between mentors and startups, sharing the experience and learning from each-other becomes essential. Our goal is to boost the progress of startups, help them grow and attract next round of financing.”

The application for the Base Camp hackathon that will take place in March is open until 20 February 2020. Base Camp is held for the fourth time, and its list of alumni includes Lumebot, Kingdom Technologies, Montonio, Remato, Snackable and many other tech startups.

Superangel is an Estonian investment company. Its early-phase investment fund Superangel One invests in tech startups. The fund has a valuation of €16 million and Superangel plans to invest in 40 early stage tech companies in the upcoming years, according to the fund.

Cover: Participants at one of the Base Camp hackathons arranged by Superangel and Garage48. Photo by Marina Bachmann.

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