Estonian robotics company Milrem launches an autonomous counter unmanned aerial system

The Estonian robotics developer, Milrem Robotics, together with Marduk Technologies, an unmanned aerial systems’ provider, has launched a mobile autonomous counter unmanned aerial system – or C-UAS – that offers protection against loitering munition and surveillance drones.

The jointly developed system features the electro-optical C-UAS platform Marduk Shark and the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle – or UGV for short.

“This mobile solution provides frontline forces with an independent ability to accurately detect, classify and target loitering munition and other flying objects,” Milrem said in a statement. “It uses the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning models.”

The mobile C-UAS platform can be integrated with kinetic and non-kinetic weapon systems and with different sensors and effectors such as a radar, a radio frequency detector, a jammer, a laser and so on, according to the company.

“Currently, most C-UAS solutions are used stationary, however, utilising mobile platforms with autonomous capabilities gives defence forces the flexibility to relocate them according to the threat assessment. Mobility also provides early warning for the forces in various positions,” Milrem asserted.

An additional layer of protection

“Frontline forces on the move are most exposed to adversary drones. The mobile autonomous C-UAS platform gives our customers an additional layer of protection and extends our product portfolio, which lets us provide more capabilities for our defence customers,” Martin Simon, the CEO of Marduk Technologies, said in a statement.

Milrem is a leading robotics and autonomous systems developer in Europe, headquartered in Estonia. It’s the leader of a consortium that was awarded €30.6 million from the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme to develop a European standardised unmanned ground system.

Marduk Technologies is an Estonian technology company that provides C-UAS solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and automatic integration with different effectors.

Cover: Milrem’s autonomous unmanned aerial system. Image by Milrem.

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