Estonian speakers receive the 2015 CES “Best of Innovation” award

The Consumer Electronics Association on 11 November awarded the Estonian speakers, called Estelon Extreme, the “Best in Innovation” award in the High Performance Home Audio and Video product category.

According to the company, Estelon Extreme is the “next step in speaker design evolution”. “Its monumental sculpture like design, standing up to two metres high, is capable of reproducing the highest quality soundscapes while the speaker itself completely disappears as the source of the sound.”

“I am extremely proud to be honoured with the “Best of Innovation” award. It gives me the energy to work even harder on my ongoing R&D projects in changing the way people listen to music,” Alfred Vassilkov, the founder and the designer of Estelon speakers, said.

Estelon, an Estonia-based high-end speaker manufacturer that was set up four years ago, is aimed at achieving aesthetic and acoustic perfection through the fusing of high art and cutting-edge science. The firm’s founder and lead engineer Alfred Vassilkov has been designing speakers for 30 years.

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. It is the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology and have been recognising achievements in product design and engineering since 1976.

9 thoughts on “Estonian speakers receive the 2015 CES “Best of Innovation” award”

  1. how do estonians know anything about speaker sound?? in estonia, the only place to enjoy speakers are in bars and clubs because at home neighbors would call the police if they heard any sign of life coming from your home. and the police love to enforce the no sound/no life policy.

      1. exactly my thought.. If one can afford 170k € speakers, it’s doubtful, they live in an apartment block of any kind. They most certainly have their own house, where you can boom your speakers as loud as you want!

        1. so rich people don’t live in flats? and secondly, even in your own house, separated from another, do you have to mind the level of sound exiting the walls. on that alone you can be fined. so those times you’ve got your family movie night, pumping loud music or bass, you’re in trouble. either your neighbor will snitch on you or your neighbor will snitch on you. secondly, a set of speakers without bass is a waste of money. period. try going to the movie theatres or a music concert without the sound of bass. if these enormously expensive speakers deliver that uber sound, you probably won’t notice it anyhow. if i want that level of clarity, then i’ll open a window and listen to the birds. i surely won’t be able to hear my law-abiding quiet neighbors.

  2. That’s one of the reasons why such speakers exist – ability to hear the smallest details at low volumes. Reminder that loud is not always the best music and is much rather enjoyed at a low volume, especially when you have high quality equipment.

    However, yes if you think of these as loud-big-ass-speakers for intense partying, this is definetely not the case.

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