Estonian students create a cordless desk lamp made from surplus furniture

A company established by Estonian high school students has created a portable and sustainable battery-powered wooden desk lamp that is made from furniture factory surplus oak wood.

“Design lamps can be seen nearly everywhere, as well as ones made of wood. Even wireless lamps are becoming more and more common. Yet such lightning often sacrifices design for functionality. We, however, brought those two together,” the company, called EHA, said in a statement.

EHA desklamp.

The EHA lamp lights up for up to 15 hours straight and can be easily recharged, the company says.

“It’s equipped with LED-indicators which show its current battery status when charging as well as USB ports that can be used for charging smart gadgets.”

EHA desklamp.

The lamp is sold exclusively on the crowdfunding website, Indiegogo.

EHA desklamp.

EHA is a company established by Estonian high school students – a project that grew to be the Best Estonian Student Company of 2020.

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