Estonia’s Auve Tech launches a new self-driving electric vehicle

Auve Tech, an Estonian tech company developing and producing autonomous vehicles, launched a new generation self-driving electric shuttle, MiCa.

The company said that “safety has been the main focus”, while developing the new generation vehicle. “MiCa is equipped with seven LiDAR sensors and ten cameras to see further than the previous model and provide a 360-degree visibility of its surroundings. Additionally, the risk of errors has been minimised with the help of doubled critical systems on-board to guarantee reliability in all situations,” Auve Tech said in a statement.

According to the company’s CEO, Johannes Mossov, “MiCa is like a time machine that helps us leap into a new era of technology … The world has not seen a self-driving vehicle like this before.”

Auve Tech said its autonomous vehicles have been transporting passengers in 12 countries and these international collaboration projects have helped make improvements in both software and hardware.

It has also been tested in Estonia, where the company is based. “The climate of Estonia allows to test the vehicles in a variety of environments ranging from heavy rains to thick snow, which gives MiCa a definite competitive advantage. The powerful air conditioning system also allows using MiCa in warmer climates,” the company noted.

Auve Tech’s first generation self-driving vehicle. Photo by Auve Tech.

Auve Tech’s self-driving vehicle concept grew out of the cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology in 2017. The company became the first Estonian manufacturer of self-driving vehicles, focusing on last-mile transportation in pre-mapped areas. MiCa is Auve Tech’s second model.

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