Estonia’s ID software update needed to access state e-services from 13 June

The Estonian Information System Authority – known as RIA – announced that starting from 13 June, users whose ID software has not been updated for over a year will no longer be able to log in to state e-services.

ID card users who have not updated their ID software for over a year should do so before 13 June, when RIA will fully transition to the new web-based authentication and signing solution called Web eID.

RIA introduced its innovative Web eID solution with a software update in March 2022, and since then, 75 per cent of ID software users have updated their software and adopted Web eID. Starting from 13 June, the state authentication service will also transition to the new authentication and signing solution. 

This means that ID users who last updated their ID software before March of the previous year will no longer be able to log in to the state authentication service with their ID and access public sector e-services.

The update is easy to download

Users who have not yet performed the necessary software update will receive a warning when logging in through the state authentication service. As of 13 June, updating their ID software is essential for them because without doing so, they will no longer be able to log in to public e-services using their ID.

The latest ID software can be downloaded from the Estonian ID website.

If any errors occur during web-based authentication or signing with the ID card after the update, users should ensure the Web eID extension is activated in their web browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. People can also get help from the guide for activating the Web eID extension.For problems and questions, answers can be found on the website. If the issue remains unresolved, users should contact the ID user support through the form on the website or call +372 666 8888 on weekdays from 8:30AM to 5PM.

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