European Innovation Academy – new level in startup programs

European Innovation Academy Winter Session which took place in Tallinn, brought together 100 students from 30 different countries. The goal of the European Innovation Academy Winter Session was to design new business models during five days and to develop them to global level.

The main aim of European Innovation Academy is to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of young change makers by building their collective intelligence to co-create new ventures and stimulate innovation.

The first European Innovation Academy took place in the summer of 2012. The winner of the first Academy, international start-up LifeinU (an innovative monitoring solution for pregnant women who want to feel themselves 100% safe and medically supervised during their pregnancy period) is already heading to the Silicon Valley, to take part of the training program carried out by notable venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

The goal of European Innovation Academy Winter Session achieved

During the week, 9 potentially world beating business ideas were born with a help from international mentors. All ideas were built taking into consideration the global necessity.

Five best concepts were presented in the last evening at James Bond Innovation Challenge. Four internationally recognised venture capitalists evaluated all ideas, shared their comments/feedback and rewarded three best ideas:

First Place –  Dreamups (Innovative minds and doers from 100+ countries enjoy the opportunity to create and use the largest knowledge base for sustainable solutions)

Second Place – (Mapping things and people on common platform)

Third Place – InTrip2Go (web based platform for allergic travelers)

InTrip2Go was selected as the most globally practical idea by international start-up accelerator Wise Guys and got rewarded with financial support.

A week long program brought together world class professors and experts: Prof. Mark Harris (GER) – the former head of Intel, Prof. Thomas J. Howard (DEN), Prof. Peter Kelly (FIN), Prof. Steve Taylor (UK), Prof Alistair Fee (UK). Additionally experts from the world-famous companies like Skype, Samsung and Microsoft attended.

All evenings and weekends were full of interactive happenings to support students international networking.

European Innovation Academy is becoming the next breeding ground for international start-ups, bringing together all stakeholders involved in the entrepreneurial process. Leading in the fields of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, the European Innovation Academy is fast becoming internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative training programs offering unique sessions like: Lego Lab Prototyping, James Bond Innovation Challenge, Failure Pitching, Team Marriage, Star Trek Technology Lab.

The goal of European Innovation Academy is to rank first in the global arena of start-up training programs.

The European Innovation Academy invites participants twice a year. The next edition will take place between 8-26 July 2013.

See you soon in European Innovation Academy!

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