Stunning video of flying above Tallinn with a drone

Estonian World’s cofounder and technical wizard Sander Saar flies his drone, DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, above and around the picturesque Old Town, as well as the city of Tallinn.

Since I have always been a keen technology fan, I’m used to following the latest developments that influence our daily lives. Some years ago, I used to do technology reviews and run a blog called Digiguru, though it was only in Estonian. After years of busy professional engagement in London, I’ve restarted one of my biggest passions of creating YouTube videos about how technology enriches and affects our daily life.

In this video, I’m looking for answers to these questions:

– What is drone?
– Where drones come from? History of drones?
– Is it easy to start flying yourself?

1 thought on “Stunning video of flying above Tallinn with a drone”

  1. Awesome ! We visited Estonia and Tallinn last August so it was fun to see a lot of the same places now. Thank Sander.

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