The Tallinn AI Week debuts

The Tallinn AI Week, an inaugural event series dedicated to advancing artificial intelligence awareness and adoption, is set to kick off in the Estonian capital on 13 June.

Organised by the Estonian startup Founderly, in collaboration with Microsoft and other companies, the week-long campaign will feature a variety of educational and networking activities aimed at exploring how artificial intelligence can help businesses and individuals level up their work.

“AI is no longer a concept of the future. It’s here, and it’s transforming the way we live and work,” Vattan Ps, the founder of Founderly, said in a statement. “The Tallinn AI Week is our way of bringing together the brightest minds in the field to share their knowledge, insights, and vision for the future of AI.”

Vattan Ps, the founder of Founderly. Private collection.

Events over four days

The attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the intersection of AI and Web3 technology, connect with experts and peers, and gain valuable insights. There will also be an event titled “The Current State of AI: The Hardware Crisis”, focusing on the hardware-token crisis, its impact on startups and tech, and potential solutions.

Microsoft and Founderly will host the Generative AI Unconference, a half-day event delving into pivotal AI topics such as governance, data literacy, human-AI collaboration, ethics and investments.

The participants can also embark on the “Tallinn AI ecosystem tour”, a journey through AI startups and supportive organisations, uncovering strategies, learning from real-world cases and fuelling their AI ventures with insights.

The events are free to attend.

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