Tallinn to host a game development conference

A game development conference, GameDev Days, will take place on 8-9 April in Tallinn.

The annual event is organised and hosted by Creative Mobile, an Estonian mobile game developer and publisher. The conference is supported by IGDA Estonia, local branch of a non-profit organisation that supports game developers around the world, in cooperation with the Tallinn-based gaming accelerator, GameFounders.

The format of GameDev Days 2016 changes slightly from previous conferences – this time, the main focus will be on “indie heroes”, covering the release process of successful indie projects. A significant amount of time will be devoted to game design, graphic design and community management.

At the conference, there will be two intense days dedicated to the discussion of a wide variety of topics, related to the nuances of game development, including the game design, business development, technologies of development, challenges for indie developers, as well as the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

More than twenty speakers will attend, including representatives from tech giants Google and Microsoft, the organisers said.


Cover image by Creative Mobile.

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