Tallinn to test a new tram

The Estonian capital, Tallinn, is to start testing the new Pesa Twist tram on its streets at the beginning of 2024; altogether, 23 new trams, produced by the Polish tram and train manufacturer, Pesa, will arrive in Tallinn.

The test tram is the first of the 23 ordered by the Tallinn public transport company.

The final coordination steps, which concern both the exterior and interior of the tram, have been carried out, meaning the manufacturer can start the production of trams specially designed for the residents of Tallinn.

The new PESA Twist streetcar will have five sets of doors and will be easier for people with disabilities to use them. Photo by PESA.
The new Pesa Twist tram will have five sets of doors and will be easier for people with disabilities to use them. Photo by Pesa.

Easier to use for people with disabilities

According to Andrei Novikov, a board member of the Tallinn public transport company, the new trams are “more comfortable and offer passengers a really pleasant trip”, adding that perhaps the biggest change is that instead of the usual four doors, it is possible to enter and exit through five doors in the new tram.

“Also, in cooperation with various organisations representing people with disabilities, we furnished the new trams in a way that makes it easier for them to use. The trams will have 65 seats and they can accommodate a total of 300 passengers. The passenger area will have a low floor to a large extent to ensure the safe and comfortable use of the trams by passengers with different needs,” Novikov added.

The interior of the new PESA Twist streetcar. Photo by PESA.
The interior of the new Pesa Twist tram. Photo by Pesa.

Trams to run on green energy

The trams will be equipped with modern information and ticketing systems for passengers and a video surveillance system to ensure the safety of passengers.

A priority system to be installed will allow the tram to pass intersections in priority order and the possibility of remote diagnostics will be added. Both the driver’s cabin and the passenger area will get air conditioning.

Novikov added that the new trams will also run 100 per cent on green energy, “like all other trams and trolleybuses currently operating in Tallinn”.

“Furthermore, the trams will allow energy generated during braking to be returned to the power transmission grid, significantly saving consumed energy,” Novikov said.

The Tallinn public transport company serves the people of Tallinn on a daily basis on 72 bus, four trolleybus and four tram lines, on which 441 buses, 32 trolleybuses and 47 trams run during peak workday hours. In previous years, 20 new Spanish-made CAF trams have been procured and old Soviet-era Czech-made KT4 and KT6 trams have been renovated or rebuilt.

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