Taxify mobile application expands to the Netherlands

Taxify, an Estonian-founded taxi booking application, is launching in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, in collaboration with Aemstel Taxi.

“I am truly happy to finally launch Taxify service in Amsterdam. It’s a big day for the Dutch taxi customers. Amsterdam is a big deal for us, so we have invested heavily in our team and into the training of the taxi drivers in order to make this a big success,” Markus Villig, the founder and CEO of Taxify, said in a statement.


“Taxify has taken such a smart approach and sensible way to tap this vast market that I strongly believe we will succeed here in the Netherlands too. We have amazing stats – on average Taxify users gets order confirmation within 10 seconds and taxi arrives in 4 minutes. With the current co-operation here in Amsterdam I believe we will be able to provide the same service level for Amsterdam taxi customers.” Matthijs Draijer, the Taxify Country Manager in the Netherlands, added.

The Taxify app enables smartphone users easily book the closest licensed taxi in real-time and for free of charge. After the order is confirmed, one can see the approaching taxi on the map. Customers can also rate the driver and share feedback after their ride.


The taxi market in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam has been stagnant for decades, according to Taxify. “The difficult regulatory situation has enabled the taxi dispatch centres holding the monopoly to take over the market and to lock smaller taxi companies into their system,” the company said in a statement.

Taxify was founded in Estonia in 2013 and is growing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The firm is also present in Belarus, Georgia and Poland. In 2014, it was named Estonia’s best mobile application. In late 2014, the firm raised €1.4 million in funding from multiple international investors, to expand into new markets.


Pictures: Taxify.

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