The Estonian tech event of the year – the ICT Week

The Estonian ICT Week takes place on 8–15 May 2015 and strives to be the most eventful week in the centre of the sizzling Nordic-Baltic ICT powerhouse.

The ICT Week brings opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, foreign top officials and representatives of international organisations to Tallinn and combines several conferences and special events with keynotes you wouldn’t want to miss.


Last year, over 1,000 foreign guests flew in to hear the latest. This year, the Estonian ICT Week has even bigger ambitions. The main topics in 2015 will include e-governance and e-residency, green IT, smart industry, fintech (financial technology) and the hardware evolution.

Main events

8-10 May at Tehnopol: Garage48 GreenTech Tallinn 2015

This spring’s Garage48 GreenTech event gives everybody an opportunity to bring their environment-improving ideas into reality, starting with water, soil and waste management and ending with alternative energy possibilities. The aim is to gather together people from different fields and skill sets and unite them into well-working teams. For example, people from the environmental field with experiences and knowledge about what is missing in the sector, unite with IT experts who have the skills to develop the ideas into working prototypes.

11 May at the Innovation and Business Centre Mektory: The Estonian Internet Day 2015 – the future narrative?

The topics: Internet and Estonia. Privacy and control. Skills and awareness. The internet of things. The internet as the lubricant of the economy.

Where should you start a tech startup in 2015? The answer is Estonia.


What are the most burning topics of the Estonian internet in the spring 2015? What could be the country’s next Skype or TransferWise? The internet has become a “lubricant” of the economy and is always in need for something new and innovative. Do you know where the internet is heading? The main idea of the Estonian Internet Day is to bring together the internet and community enthusiasts for further discussion and contribute to the development of the Estonian internet.

11 May at the Swissôtel Tallinn: Norway-Estonia ICT cooperation seminar by Innovation Norway

Trustworthy cooperation – the key in developing innovative solutions and conquering international markets.

Over the last few years the cooperation between Norwegian and Estonian companies has increased, especially when it comes to developing new and innovative solutions within IT sector. The Norwegian Green Industry Innovation Programme with focus on green IT has played an important part in this development.

The seminar will present best cases, competences and experiences found in Estonia and Norway to inspire new solutions and partnerships. Subcategories the seminar will cover are green IT solutions within energy, transport and logistics, and trade. In addition, the seminar also covers public-private partnership when it comes to e-government solutions.

12-13 May at the Radisson BLU Hotel Olümpia: Industry 4.0 Conference by the Association of ICT Companies

The concept also known as third or fourth industrial revolution goes around with many names: Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet, the Internet of Things. It boosts the efficiency of manufacturing further by connecting the machines, enabling advanced analytics and empowering the people. But taking new concepts into practice is often time-consuming and costly.

The organisers of the conference believe co-operation between advanced industries and Estonian ICT and manufacturing companies can give the implementation of the Industry 4.0 principles a vital boost. After all, Estonia has been known as a tech-advanced and agile society that gets things done fast.

Nasdaq Estonia II - Copy

The event raises awareness about Industry 4.0 in creating higher industrial efficiency. Collaboration possibilities and benefits will be outlined together with practical case studies from ICT and manufacturing. Senior decisionmakers from German and Nordic manufacturing companies and top experts and decisionmakers of Estonian ICT and manufacturing companies are expected to benefit from the event.

12-13 May at the Nordic Hotel Forum: Tallinn e-Governance Conference 2015 by the e-Governance Academy

The world’s leading e-governance experts from governments, business, academia, international organisations and civil society groups will meet in Tallinn to discuss designing e-governance strategies, 15 years of e-governance experience in the EU Eastern Partnership countries, coordination and communication in central e-governance implementation and cyber security and e-governance.

e-Governance Academy

The conference aims to serve the following interrelated communities: government decision makers and strategists from countries implementing national e-governance strategies, focusing on the EU Eastern Partnership and Open Government Partnership countries, donor organisations supporting the development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions and companies developing e-governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation.

13 May at the Swissôtel: Nordic Digital Day

Last year some 300 e-government experts and CIOs from all over the world gathered for the Nordic Digital Agendas Day where Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia shared their vision and major action lines of their digital agendas. In addition, each country introduced some crazy, yet necessary ideas which are a challenge to accomplish today, but could provide valuable inspiration for future cutting-edge innovation.

Scandinavian flags

This year’s Nordic Digital Day promises to be even more inspiring and is dedicated to the Nordic ICT innovations and reforms that every country is particularly proud of. The aim is to show the revolutionary projects that have had a big impact on the daily lives of people and businesses in the Nordic countries. They are something that every country should implement to make a new leap forward in overall information society development.

13 May at the National Library of Estonia: FinanceEstonia International Forum 2015

This year’s forum, jointly organised by FinanceEstonia, the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and the Estonian Business Angels Network,focuses on the development of European capital markets and increasing digital possibilities.

13 May at Tehnopol: LEAP by AIESEC

LEAP prepares startups for a big jump in their journey by providing a learning space tailor-made for their own needs and the interaction with international VCs. Unlike others, LEAP is a fresh idea validated by the Estonian startup ecosystem. At LEAP, one can expect mentoring spaces, skill workshops and speeches tailored for startups, delivered by both international and local experts.

14-15 May at Creative Hub Kultuurikatel: Latitude59 networking conference

The go-to place for the Nordic and Baltic startup scene in the spring.

In 2015, Latitude59 is celebrating the eighth year of networking conference – the continuation of an annual conference organised by Enterprise Estonia and the International Technology Law Association in Tallinn between 2008 and 2011.


Latitude59 brings together innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the Baltics and the Nordics, also some special guests from different parts of Europe, the US and Asia. This time, up to 700 participants are expected, including startups, tech students, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business angels.

The Latitude59 conference will have three special topics: fintech, e-residency and hardware evolution.

15 May at Rock Café: Estonian ICT Week closing party “Rock IT”

Come see and enjoy the most innovative rock party of the week. Rock IT is a festival for ICT companies’ bands, where 10 different groups will be playing their favourite songs.


Cover: Participant at last year’s ICT Week.



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