An exhibition dedicated to Estonia’s freedom from the Soviet Union

The Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, runs an exhibition titled “Why Estonia? 30 Years from the USSR to e-Estonia”, that looks back at the birth of the Estonian digital nation, its achievements over the years and what the future holds in store.

The exhibition, which opened on 19 November 2021, is designed to “help answer the questions of how and why Estonia, once a nation of farmers, became a world-leading digital society and what new challenges lie ahead of us”, the organisers said in a statement.

“Why Estonia? 30 Years from the USSR to e-Estonia” at Vabamu. Photo by Vabamu.

“For Estonia, developing digital possibilities has been one way of surviving financially and standing out on the world stage. A country as small as ours enjoys few opportunities to do that, after all.”

“But why us in particular, and how? There is something in Estonians that simply will not allow us to remain invisible. Something that makes us dig in our heels when faced with a challenge that at first glance seems impossible. The success story of our digital state is proof of our dogged determination, the fruits of which we are able to enjoy ourselves and proudly show to others,” the organisers added.

“Why Estonia? 30 Years from the USSR to e-Estonia” at Vabamu. Photo by Vabamu.

Looking into the future

The exhibition showcases the conditions that enabled Estonia to become a world-leading digital state and looks at how digital society has changed the nation, the people who live in the country and the entrepreneurs who operate there.

“It also examines the new challenges we face in connection with developments in technology (including its darker side – cybersecurity and the risks inherent in digital behaviour) and where the Estonian state’s new vision will lead our digital society in the future.”

“Why Estonia? 30 Years from the USSR to e-Estonia” at Vabamu. Photo by Vabamu.

According to the museum, the exhibition will be of interest to visitors of all ages and backgrounds – Estonians and tourists alike. “Anyone keen to obtain an overview of the e-success story of our little nation, of its past, present and future, is welcome to visit the exhibition.”

“Why Estonia” has been curated by journalist Henrik Roonemaa from an idea by Karen Jagodin, a member of the museum’s board. It will be open until 23 October 2022.

The article was originally published on 23 November 2021.

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