Two Estonian universities to participate in the medical technology projects of the US military

Tartu University and Tallinn University of Technology have joined an American consortium consisting of companies that create medical technology, thus paving the way for the knowledge of these Estonian universities reaching the US military that purchases innovative products and services through the association.

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium is a network of universities, industrial corporations, NGOs and government agencies that offers the US military new products and services, and also commercialises them on the private market. Currently, the consortium consists of 86 members.

According to a statement by the two Estonian universities, the priorities of the syndicate are disease prevention, diagnose and treatment; clinical medicine; medical preparation; and medical education.

The director of development at the University of Tartu, Erik Puura, said in a statement that up until now, Estonian universities have successfully taken part in the programmes of the European Union. “Hopefully by joining the consortium the global reach of Tartu University and Tallinn University of Technology becomes stronger,” he added.

Tallinn University of Technology’s vice rector in charge of innovation and corporate relations, Tea Varrak, said that to her knowledge, other European universities haven’t been invited to join the association, therefore it gives a great chance to the Estonian ones to find new partners from the United States, to expand their networks and to take part in new medical technology projects.


The cover image of molecular medicine is illustrative.

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