Estonian artist Andres Sütevaka opens an exhibition in Barcelona

The Estonian artist Andres Sütevaka opens his personal exhibition, “De la pintura la ceramica”, at the ACC Gallery of the Potters Association of Catalonia in Barcelona.

Sütevaka has been living in Spain since January 2014, creating sculptures and ceramics. He is a third-year sculpture student at the Tartu Art College, which also gave him the chance to study at Escola D’Art I Superior De Disseny Pau in Barcelona through the Erasmus programme.

Andres Sütevaka

Three main subjects dominate in Sütevaka’s works of art: the figurative and abstract paintings in bright colours and on large canvasses; the so-called homemade wine project (influenced by the bohemian and hedonistic life of a metropolis of art); and the politically critical and radical collages and assemblages (linked to pop art). In Spain, during which now may be seen as his independent period, the artist has concentrated in ceramics.

The exhibition, “Pintura de la ceramica”, is Sütevaka’s second personal exhibition in Spain. The first exhibition, “El Meu Circ a Barcelona”, was held in autumn 2014 at the cultural factory of Barcelona, La Farinera del Clot.

The exhibition will be open from 15 August until 4 September.

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