Group exhibition by Estonian painters opens in Corfu, Greece

Group exhibition by Estonian painters opens in Corfu Municipal Art Gallery.

“Two-Way Street. Contemporary Estonian Painting” by Vano Allsalu, Mihkel Ilus, Mihkel Maripuu and Jaan Toomik is open from 12 July until 31 July.

The exhibition provides an insight into contemporary Estonian painting and creates an opportunity to view it in terms of current international trends as well as in the context of two cultural “localities” — Estonia and Greece. The introduction of Estonian art in Greece has an important potential for further cooperation and creative exchange. The current exhibition could therefore also open up new inspiring perspectives.


One of the topics that is discussed today, is lifelong learning. It is not, however, regarded merely as acquisition of skills and knowledge but rather as a multi-faceted social process, the success of which depends on the will, motivation and communication skills of its participants. The master–apprentice model in its traditional form belongs to the past. Today the professor is rather a creative advisor or a discussion moderator, while the student is a partner in the process of exchange of ideas and the one who opens up new horizons.

How can this shared continuum be expressed in works of art, in different author’s positions at the exhibition where both professors and students present their works democratically under one roof, both in terms of shared values as well as oppositions and creative competition? This creative intrigue is also present in the title of the exhibition “Two-Way Street. Contemporary Estonian Painting”, which raises the questions of painting’s “blood exchange” with other media, of the relationship between the artist and the public, and — why not — of cultural exchange as an essentially two-way process.

Exhibiting artists

Jaan Toomik is one of the most internationally distinguished Estonian artists. His paintings and video installations, centred around existential themes, have been exhibited at numerous prestigious galleries and exhibitions, including several times at the international Venice Art Biennale. He is also Professor of Painting at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA).

Vano Allsalu is a distinguished Estonian painter whose mainly abstract paintings focus on the questions of form, colour and meaning. He is an Associate Professor of Painting at the EAA. Since 2013 he is also the President of the Estonian Artists’ Association.

Mihkel Maripuu and Mihkel Ilus are enrolled in the Master’s Programme in painting at the EAA. Both have presented their works in Estonia and abroad at solo and group exhibitions and are actively involved in the local art scene.


Corfu Municipal Art Gallery:

St. Michael and St. Georges Palace

Palaia Anaktora

Kerkyra, Corfu Town



Pictures: Vano Allsalu

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