Estonia among the countries with the biggest budget surplus

Estonia is 11th among the countries that run the biggest budget surplus, according to the data from the World Economic Forum’s benchmark Global Competitiveness Report.

The Business Insider magazine has listed 12 countries with the biggest budget surplus in the world, pointing out that “for many governments around the world ensuring that the books are balanced and that the country runs a surplus – where government incomes (from taxes etc) outstrip their outgoings (spending) – is still the number one goal”.

Estonia with its 0.5% surplus is in the 11th spot in the magazine’s list, just after Germany (0.6%) and before New Zealand (0.3%). “Estonia, which has positioned itself as a northern European tech hub in recent years, has run a surplus for the past two years, with its government focusing on fiscal discipline,” Business Insider notes.

The country with the biggest budget surplus in the world is Qatar (10.3%), followed by Norway (5.4%) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1.9%).


Cover: Estonian euro coins (the image is illustrative).

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