Estonian hair stylist Helen Heinroos crowned a finalist in London

Aspiring people from around the world are always flocking to London, to look for better opportunities and make their mark. Hair stylist Helen Heinroos is not an exception. She came to London just a year ago, to put herself to the test in one of the great world cities. Recently, she was awarded a bronze trophy at the UK’s Goldwell Colour Zoom Challenge 2014 – a competition where thousands of hair stylists from all over the world compete for glory.

Heinroos, who has been working at a salon since she was 12 years old, says that taking part in the Goldwell Colour Zoom Challenge has been the most important professional competition in her hairstylist career. “I’m very happy that I embraced the challenge to compete in the United Kingdom. It has given me the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top creative people in the hair and beauty industry. Previously I have been nominated a finalist in London (2006), Valencia (2008) and Las Vegas (2009), representing the Estonia and Finland Goldwell team. It is an honour to make it to the UK finals, because the hairdressing industry is very strong in Britain – as could be seen in the semi finals where there was a very strong display of beautiful looks,” Helen explained.

Helen Heinroos võistlustööga

The competition has a different theme every year, and this year’s was “Reallusion”.

“I started to gather different ideas for the ‘Reallusion’ collection last year. I’m used to keeping an eye on new hair trends and hair products’ collections. I am also inspired by nature, patterns and everyday scenes that catch my eye. Usually I try to take a picture when I see something interesting. And all the ideas and inspiration come together when I am most comfortable – when I run my hands through my clients’ hair,” sheds Heinroos some light at where she gets her inspiration from.

Gaining new experience in London

Heinroos has been running her own salon in Estonia for 19 years, but emphasises the value of the new experience in London. “My Estonian salon has been running for a long time and I’ve received a good grounding and floor experience, but within one year in London I have experienced a host of new things and come up with new ideas as well. In the hairdressing industry there is always the opportunity to learn something new,” she says. “But at the same time, my success at the UK’s competition would have not happened without my team who all are Estonians. The competitive piece I entered to the competition with was compiled with the help of photographer Marin Sild, make-up artist Hanga Hanka, fashion designer Liina Stein and model Triinu Paomets,” Heinroos adds.


Heinroos, who currently works at Redhed salon in London’s Fitzrovia area, is not planning to rest on laurels, however. “Working at Redhed has given me the opportunity to work with a great team and I hope to grow my skills in the business. We are working on new concepts for our upcoming photo shoot in preparation for the Global Colour Zoom event. In the future I’m planning to open another salon in London as well as in Estonia,” she says.


Goldwell Colour Zoom Challenge 2014 UK winners:

Creative Colourist category (stylists with more than five years hairdressing experience)

Becky Barnes – Webster Whiteman, London (GOLD)

Emily Warne – Head Romance, Havant (SILVER)

Helen Heinroos – Redhed, London (BRONZE)

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