Estonian startup Askly built the ultimate customer support chat

Emails and phone calls are losing popularity in customer communication, yet, chat and bot solutions have caused tons of frustration with their poor usability; a Tallinn-based company, Askly, is changing that with the most user-friendly chat to help turn maximum number of visitors into customers.

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Among plenty of chat solutions, Askly illuminates the market’s horizon. It is an affordable, easy-to-use chat solution that contains communication instruments for any need, displays automatically in visitors’ language, and enables smooth real-time translation. No visitor is left without support.

Most of businesses underestimate the power of live chat support. “Providing support at the point of purchase can increase website sessions five times and reduce abandonment by up to 33%. That’s why we believe having a professional chat is a smart idea. So, we made it simple – Askly chat can be added to any website in two minutes, no development is needed,” Sandra Roosna, the founder and CEO at Askly, said.

From “chat haters” to “chat lovers” – founders’ vision made a reality

Askly launched its powerful chat solution in 2021, and it soon became the first choice for online stores, hotels, restaurants, service providers and websites across various industries.

“I can still see lots of old-school, badly designed chats with limited functionality. I was dreaming of a chat like Askly when purchasing online – never annoying, opens in my mother language, all pop-outs are self-closing, not disturbing or hiding product information, and it stores chat history if I return back later. Plus having all communication channels within the chat, without breaking the purchase flow,” Roosna said.

The setup and full customisation take just two minutes – there is no need to involve the developer. Askly is the only chat on the market opening to every visitor in their language with zero coding. 

Best replies saved: less typing, more productivity

Onboarding new team members takes minutes, instead of weeks and months, as Askly enables to store all the best replies, being shared with the team – as well as the database of frequently asked questions, available to every visitor.

Utilising the chat solution reduces the number of clients’ calls, emails, and queries on social media, while all Facebook and Instagram messages also reach to Askly – making it a primary channel of communication.

“Unsurprisingly, 50% of Askly customers switch from Zendesk and Messenger. For another 50%, it’s the first shift from calls-emails-social media to messaging-based customer communication at the point of purchase,” Roosna said.

Askly: best chat for online stores and websites.

Already used in eight countries

Loved by companies of every size, Askly chat is already used in eight countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Netherlands and Italy. The clients include Hilton, iDeal, ON24, Sportland, Bauhof, ONOFF, Macta Beauty and Ballzy. Its pricing is affordable to businesses of any size, starting from €29/per month.

More and more consumers expect companies to deliver fast and professional support at the point of purchase. “Sadly, free chat solutions cause collective failure, where 76% of customers get frustrated by the limited and poor chat platforms,” Roosna stated, adding that their team actively contributes to raising the bar in the industry.

They have put together basic requirements to the chat, that helps increase customer satisfaction:

  • Choose the fast chat, most of the chats are slowing down your website 
  • All popouts are self-closing or do not disturb customer experience                                          
  • Manage expectations: chat shall contain working hours and breaks in real-time 
  • Chat history shall remain for both the customer and support 
  • Localised interface: why lose any potential customer due to the language barriers
  • Increase website traffic: provide all support at the point of purchase (PoP)
  • Lowers cart abandonment: don’t lead customers from PoP to social media
  • Reply to website, Facebook and Instagram chats from one place
  • GDPR-compliant (general data protection regulation) setup requires consent to opt-in to live chat: added to the chat or cookie policy

“Chat either helps build website conversions or destroys customer experience and brand reputation. Make sure you don’t add chat on your website without making sure it’s not causing frustrating experiences,” Roosna said.

To learn more about Askly, book a demo at

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