Expats can practice Estonian for free with mentors

Anyone who wants to practise Estonian can sign up for the Estonian Integration Foundation’s Keelesõber programme from 9 February.

The Keelesõber (“language lover”) programme offers 900 people who are willing to chat with language learners the opportunity to help them learn Estonian. Estonian learners interested in such an opportunity can register on the programme’s website from 9 February.

The programme welcomes language learners who have reached level B1 or above in their Estonian studies and can express themselves in conversation on everyday topics. Language learners will chat with their mentor at least once a week for three months – from 14 February to 14 May. They will use a channel that suits both of them, such as an online chat or a phone call. The programme is open to adult language learners.

Mentors from all walks of life

The programme’s director, Ave Landrat, said the mentors included “people from all walks of life and from different countries around the world” – journalists, software developers, actors, doctors, chefs, business analysts, environmental officers, sales managers and photographers.

Landrat said the programme will start matching learners and mentors on 14 February and could run until 31 March.

Ave Landrat, the director of the Keelesõber programme.

The Estonian Integration Foundation was established by the Estonian government in 1998. The purpose of the foundation is to initiate and support activities that promote the integration process in Estonian society and activities related to migration. The foundation’s mission is to ensure that people living in Estonia share the same values and are an active part of civil society, and that national minorities have the opportunity to preserve their languages and cultures.

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