Estonian indie-folk band Odd Hugo embarks on a mini-European tour (video)

The Estonian indie-folk band, Odd Hugo, formed in the summer of 2012, has embarked on a miniature European tour – namely in Germany and the Netherlands where the band aims to perform at nine shows.

Odd Hugo is a fresh Estonian act, acknowledged for its part-mellow folkie, part-heart-rending poet soundscapes. With their debut album “Odd Hugo” – nominated for best debut album of 2013 at the Estonian Music Awards 2014 – released last spring, they have taken their voices, strings and brass across the Baltic states, Hungary, Finland, Sweden before. Now, the band has embarked on the tour in Germany and Netherlands, where they’ll give nine shows in a row, playing at festivals, clubs and vintage stores.

Having performed in Berlin, Hamburg and at the Hidden Treasure Festival in Ottersum, which took place at a marvellous cathedral, the band is heading to Utrecht in the Netherlands and then back to Germany – concerts in smaller towns of Chemnitz, Leipzig and Jena are planned.

Touring Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France is becoming a custom to internationally aspiring Estonian bands, encouraged by the relative success of Ewert and The Two Dragons who was probably the first Estonian rock band to build up a loyal following in those countries.

Odd Hugo’s music is manifested in bittersweet vocal and stringful textures of the two lead singers and guitarists/ukuleleists/pianists Rando Kruus and Oliver Vare, and its folk-indie-experimentalism is coloured delicately with trumpet and trombone.


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