A new Estonian agency represents Baltic creative talents

A new Estonian agency, called Icon Creatives, aims to represent artistic professionals from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The agency’s purpose is to mediate the services and work by a creative set of people with a strong potential, targeting the Northern and Central Europe as the main market. To begin with, the agency represents photographers, but it plans to add new professionals: stylists, makeup artists, composers, illustrators, film directors and others.

Photographer RAGGANA

“The Baltic countries have many creative talents with high potential, who unfortunately have not had the opportunity to strive beyond their homeland to make a career. To enter the market of the very competitive Central European “visual landscape gamblers” is difficult because of the lack of time, finances and contacts,” Terje Kissa, the agency’s CEO, said. “Our mission is to enable the Baltic photographers to work globally,” she added.

Anrike Piel

The agency desires to connect their clients with the right creative person for their projects, to provide them with a talent’s necessary creative material for making choices, to be aware and quick to respond to all questions relating to the professionalism, portfolio, options and schedules of the photographer.


Cover image by Marla Singer (Lithuania). See also Top 10 up-and-coming Estonian creative style photographers

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