Video: Estonian expats perform traditional folk dance at London’s Trafalgar Square

The London Estonian Society Folk Dance Group, led by Marje Viilu, surprised Londoners with a spontaneous display of traditional dance in several locations, including the Trafalgar Square.

The London Estonian Society’s folk dance group recently showed off their skills and traditions of their home country in the streets of London, surprising spectators.

In addition to other old folk dances, the grand performance belonged to Kikapuu – a traditional dance – which due to its entertaining and engaging nature became a great success. The dance gripped many spectators and was requested to be performed again several times.

Along with various engaging dances, Londoners witnessed a showcase of an Estonian necktie brand, KiRiVOO, thanks to the dancers who were wearing the ties.

“We had an amazing day with the team filled with positive energy. The girls did an excellent job and I couldn’t be more proud. We definitely feel more confident and are looking forward to our next challenges and upcoming projects. Special thanks again to KiRiVOO, whose Estonian ties are now part of our costumes,” Marje Viilu, the head of LES Folk Dance Group since 2013, and an active member of the Estonian Society in London, said.

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