A youth exchange programme to bring together youngsters of Estonian descent

An Estonian youth exchange programme with the aim of introducing the Estonian culture and language is to bring together 30 youngsters of Estonian descent – 20 living abroad and 10 from Estonia.

The youth exchange programme, engaging youngsters aged 18-26, introduces Estonian history and the cultural heritage to young Estonians living abroad and shares Estonian success stories and planned future developments.

According to the organisers, the programme aims to teach the participants the Estonian language and provides information about work and study opportunities in Estonia. It also helps create a network of young people of Estonian origin that might support repatriation.

The programme consists of various activities organised in different parts of Estonia and the participants will have a chance to visit cultural and historic places in Tallinn as well as successful Estonian companies and learn about their practices.

The youngsters will also be taken to the nature – on a field trip to the Lahemaa National Park and to hike in the wetlands.

The youth exchange programme is organised by youth organisation Seiklejate Vennaskond (The Brotherhood of Adventurers), coordinated by Estonian Youth Work Centre and financed by the Compatriots Programme of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


Cover: Members of the programme last year in Estonia. Read also: The “Back to our roots” programme helps Estonians abroad connect with their origin.

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