WEBINAR: Estonian education experts share practical tips for remote learning

As many schools around the world have temporarily closed their doors, Estonian education startups and Education Nation, the country’s programme to share its education-related knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world, organised a webinar on remote learning.

“Estonia, the European leading education nation according to recent PISA results, closed its schools on 16 March until further notice. The Estonian education and technology experts decided to share our knowledge with the world – how to arrange remote learning wisely,” the organisers of the webinar said in a statement.

According to Tõnis Kusmin, the CEO of 99math, an Estonian education startup, 800 million students across the world are affected by closed schools. “Our education experts and startups provide practical solutions as freeware that help students and teachers across the world. This also assists parents, who have a higher workload, as they need to guide their children in addition to working remotely from home,” he said in a statement.

Webinar: Estonian education experts share practical tips for remote learning.


“Practical Tips for Parents on Organizing Learning at Home” Meelike Terasmaa – the chief specialist in the field of special education at Foundation Innove

“Remote Learning as Collaboration between Parents, Teachers and Children” By Einar Värä – a curriculum and methodology advisor at Foundation Innove

“Practical Tips for Teachers on Organizing Remote Teaching” By Kärt-Katrin Pere – the chief specialist in the field of foreign languages at Foundation Innove

“Estonian e-Learing Solutions that Make Parents’ and Teachers’ Life Easier” By Kadri Tuisk – the founder and CEO of Clanbeat

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