Pictures: An Estonian ferry accommodates over 1,500 Ukrainian refugees

Estonian World paid a short visit to the ferry, “Isabelle”, moored at the Port of Tallinn and used to accommodate Ukrainian refugees; owned by the Estonian shipping company, Tallink, the ferry currently hosts over 1,500 refugees, approximately 40 per cent of them children.

The temporary solution is paid for by the Estonian state and the Estonian Social Board’s staff is helping look after the Ukrainians on board the ferry. There are doctors, psychologists and pastors; even a kindergarten was set up on the ship. The refugees are free to visit the city, although the ferry’s ramp is officially closed between midnight and 5 AM (however, no one is left outside if late).

Estonia has accepted over 37,000 Ukrainian refugees since 22 February. Approximately 25,000 of them have stayed in Estonia, while the others were on transit. Over 4,000 refugees, 1,500 of them children, are temporarily accommodated by the state.

Photos by Silver Tambur, except where stated.

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