How to help Ukrainians

Several Estonian NGOs and organisations are helping the Ukrainians in the conflict areas as well as transporting the Ukrainian refugees to Estonia; Estonian World gives an overview of the organisations and how people can offer their help.

Coming to Estonia

The Estonian government has set up a special page for Ukrainian war refugees that has the initial information to Ukrainian citizens and their family members about moving to Estonia, the necessary documents and contacts.

Tallinn refugee reception centre

At the refugee reception centre in the Estonian capital, the City of Tallinn, the Estonian Social Insurance Board and the Police and Border Guard Board and the Estonian Refugee Council cooperate to meet the primary needs of the refugees from the war in Ukraine.

“For Ukraine!” campaign

Three Estonian NGOs – Estonian Refugee Council, Mondo and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre – have organised a donation campaign, “For Ukraine!”, to help internally displaced people in Ukraine.

“Help to Ukraine”

Estonian Refugee Council has also a special page, “Help to Ukraine”, where it gathers different possibilities of supporting the organisation’s work in Ukraine and its people.

The Estonian Refugee Council is already transporting Ukrainian refugees from the country’s border to Estonia; if you have a relative or loved one who needs help, please contact the bus coordinators as soon as possible.

The Estonian Red Cross

People can donate via the Estonian Red Cross (the page is in Estonian) to support Ukrainians who need food and emergency sanitation and hygienic supplies.

“Support Ukraine”

Estonian startup entrepreneurs, led by Ragnar Sass and Maria Rahamägi, have also started a special campaign page, “Support Ukraine”, that calls on all Estonian businesses to support Ukraine. All the proceeds from the sales of products or services of the companies participating in the campaign will be donated in support of Ukraine fighting against the Russian aggression.

To join the campaign, companies need to complete three simple steps:

  1. Choose which products or services will participate in the campaign
  2. Add the “In support of Ukraine” label to them
  3. Donate all proceeds from sales to the chosen organisation

The campaign also invites companies to display goods produced in Ukraine in separate shops, so that the Estonian people can support Ukraine with their purchases.

The Estonian Rescue Association

The Estonian Rescue Association (the page in Estonian) has been in close contact with Ukrainian rescuers, and they are also asking for help.

Contact or phone them on (+372) 527 4112. If there is a wish to donate money, it can be made to the Estonian Rescue Association: EE547700771002741382 with “Ukraine” as the reference.


VAAB’s mission is to gather specialists across Estonia to activate them in crisis situations. The NGO has been doing this during COVID-19 pandemic by finding healthcare specialists for hospitals and nursing homes. The NGO is now gathering mental health specialist across Estonia to help Ukrainian refugees. Please register on VAAB’s website.

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine follows the Russian invasion of the country on 24 February. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians already seeking refugee in Poland, Romania and other European countries.

Free English courses to the Ukrainian refugees

A group of volunteer English teachers are to offer free intensive English courses to the Ukrainian war refugees. Any adult Ukrainian war refugee who has recently arrived in Estonia can attend. The registration starts in April and the courses commence at the beginning of May. People interested in the courses can find more information on the International Language Services website.

The Estonian NGOs that are helping Ukrainians and want to be featured in this article, please get in touch:

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