Special flights to Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius to bring people home

The Estonian foreign ministry and Estonian representations abroad continue to cooperate with travel and transportation companies and with other countries to find and mediate solutions for bringing Estonian citizens and permanent residents home, and they have now come up with new options in addition to regular flights.

On Friday, 20 March, Polish airline LOT’s flight departs from Warsaw to Vilnius, organised by Kidy Tour. Information is available and registration for the flight is done online; Lithuania also requests the people wishing to get on the flight to inform the Lithuanian foreign ministry.

On Friday, 20 March, Estonians have the possibility to take AirBaltic special flight from Malta to Riga. For booking, please call +371 671 07 771.

On Saturday, 21 March, at 10:00 AM, a special flight departs from Tallinn to Faro Airport in Portugal, the arrival time is at 1:10 PM. A special flight organised in cooperation with the Estonian Athletic Association departs from Faro to Tallinn on the same day, 21 March, at 2:00 PM and arrives in Tallinn at 8:40 PM. All the above info is according to local times. The flights are operated by SmartLynx Airlines Estonia. To book on the flight, please get in touch with the contact person of WRIS Travel Agency Sirli Sikov. Additional information is available online.

On Friday, 20 March, Estonians have the possibility to take an AirBaltic special flight from London to Riga. For booking, please call +371 672 07 771.

The only chance to get back from Kiyv 

On Saturday, 21 March, people can fly from Norwich to Stockholm, departing at 11:00 AM and landing at 2:25 PM, and from Stockholm to Tallinn, departing at 2:50 PM and arriving at 4:50 PM. Tickets can be purchased online.

On Sunday, 22 March, a flight departs at 2:00 PM from Kiyv Boryspili Airport to Tallinn, which takes on board all the Estonian nationals who wish to get to Tallinn. The flight is operated by Skyup Airlines and additional information is available online. Scheduled flights from Kiyv ended on 17 March and, as it stands, this should be the only chance to fly from Kiyv to Tallinn in the near future. 

At the request of the foreign ministry, Tallink changes – starting from today, 19 March, until 22 March (including) – the time of the Megastar’s last departure from Helsinki to Tallinn and adds four voyages. Megastar departs at 11:00 PM. Ticket sale takes place at the port until 10:50 PM.

Come home at the earliest opportunity

In the coming days, AirBaltic is planning to carry out flights from Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Tenerife. In case the flights take place, updated information can be found online.

Due to potential sudden travel restrictions or disruptions to transport links, the ministry asks all Estonians who are currently travelling to return home at the earliest opportunity or prepare for an extended stay at their current location.

If you are an Estonian citizen or permanent resident stranded abroad and cannot find any options for returning, the foreign ministry asks you to send your details, the country you are currently in and a description of your issue to konsul@mfa.ee or call +372 5301 9999 (24h).

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Cover: On Friday, 20 March, Estonians have the possibility to take AirBaltic special flight from Malta to Riga. Photo by Aleksandrs Samuilovs, shared under the CC BY 3.0 licence.

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