Video: How women run Kihnu island in Estonia

Nas Daily, a popular Arab–Israeli vlogger with eight million YouTube subscribers, explores the Estonian island of Kihnu that has been run by women for centuries.

Originally used by seal hunters and fishermen, Kihnu is now one of the most culturally significant societies in Estonia. The women guard the cultural heritage while the men go off to sea and fish. Over the years, the men of Kihnu have spent much of their time at sea and have left the women in charge of the island’s affairs. The Kihnu women have become the guardians of the island’s cultural traditions, such as dances, music and handicrafts.

Nuseir Yassin, an Arab–Israeli vlogger known as Nas Daily in the social media, interviewed a several Kihnu women to find out more on how they run the island of 700 people in the Baltic Sea.

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