Former leaders: The responsibility for ensuring Estonian national security lies with the prime minister

Politicians who don’t share the United States’ and Estonia’s common understanding of democracy, and who disregard the Estonian people’s determined efforts to maintain the relationship between the two countries, can have no place in the Estonian government, according to a joint statement from five former prime ministers and president Toomas Hendrik Ilves; Estonian World publishes the statement in full.


Trust-based and close allied relations with the United States are the foundation of Estonian national security. In a critical moment, a personal decision by the American administration, or by the president or vice president in particular, can decide the fate of Estonia and the survival of our country.

The Republic of Estonia—thousands of Estonian and American citizens, all of our diplomats, all of our governments, have worked for decades to create a special, personal, and candid relationship that ensures Estonia’s national security.

For this, we have contributed to NATO. Dozens of Estonian soldiers have spilled their blood fighting side-by-side with our allies.

12 members of the Estonian Defense Forces have given their lives.

Recent statements by two members of the government aim to render their sacrifices and efforts futile. 

Estonia cannot afford to have several foreign policies. The statements made by the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Finance cannot be separated from the government’s position. Based on conspiracy theories, these absurd and unfounded accusations that attack the democratically elected president of the USA, can drive a wedge into US-Estonian relations, which will take decades to fix.

Politicians who don’t share the USA’s and Estonia’s common understanding of democracy, free elections and ally relations, and who disregard decades of determined efforts by the Estonian people to maintain the relationship between the two countries, can have no place in the government of the Republic of Estonia.

The responsibility for ensuring Estonia’s national security and mending ally relations lies with the Prime Minister.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Andrus Ansip

Siim Kallas

Mart Laar

Taavi Rõivas

Andres Tarand

Cover: Clockwise from the top left: Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Andres Tarand, Taavi Rõivas, Andrus Ansip, Siim Kallas and Mart Laar.

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