EU defence ministers to gather in Tallinn for a cyber exercise

Estonia, as the current holder of the presidency of the council of the European Union, is to hold a cyber exercise in Tallinn for the defence ministers of the EU to test their readiness to deal with the consequences of a cyber attack.

The Estonian defence minister, Jüri Luik, met with Jorge Domecq, the chief of the European defence agency, in Brussels, to discuss the exercise, and the two parties talked about how to use the results of the exercise in planning policy.

Luik hopes the exercise will demonstrate the limits of responsibility of the EU and NATO and the situations where the two organisations need to cooperate.

The drill, called EU CYBRID 2017, will take place in Tallinn on 7 September and, according to the Estonian defence ministry, is the first of its kind.


The cover image is illustrative.

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