The US military aid to Estonia exceeds USD140 million in 2022

The United States Congress approved a supplemental funding package this week, which brings the total foreign military financing provided to Estonia to USD140.5 million.

Most of this sum will go towards the Estonian Defence Forces’ M142 HIMARS programme, planned to be completed by 2025.

“The US initiative in this security crisis has been strong and in addition to supporting Ukraine, their support also extends to those countries that have supported Ukraine,” the Estonian defence minister, Hanno Pevkur, said in a statement.

“The approval of another supplemental package of military financing, which includes the Baltic region, clearly shows the dedication of the US to the NATO principles of collective defence – not just in words, but also in action.”

The financing is part of a comprehensive package of defence aid, which the US has directed towards raising the defence capabilities of Ukraine as well as the NATO eastern flank countries.

The US has supported various defence development projects in Estonia, with the past five years’ support for procurement and infrastructure projects totalling USD228 million.

Previous support has gone towards replenishing stocks of large calibre ammunition.

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