Video: What’s in the kit of an Estonian winter soldier?

In a video made for NATO, Estonian army sergeant Remys-Bert Ville explains the equipment for Estonian soldiers to operate during the winter months when it gets really cold in the country.

Skis, snowshoes and a shovel – these are just some of the items that soldiers in Estonia carry in their winter kit. In this feature, sergeant Remys-Bert Ville provides a comprehensive list of equipment required for Estonian soldiers to operate during winter months, where temperatures can sink as low as -20°C – or -4°F.

The footage includes shots of sergeant Ville presenting each item and Estonian infantry soldiers walking through the snow near a forest.

All NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Estonia training is conducted in line with the Estonian national COVID-19 policy. The battlegroup is currently operating as a “bubble” in order to achieve maximum output from this training, while protecting personnel.

Cover: Estonian soldiers on an exercise in winter. The image is illustrative. Photo by the Estonian Defence Forces.

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