An Estonian farm management software provider goes to Australia

An Estonian startup that provides farm management software has announced its entry to the Australian market.

eAgronom, a company founded in Estonia in 2016, said in a statement that its software is a complete cloud-based farm management platform for grain growers and agronomists.

“It helps growers keep farm records in one place and gives a financial overview on crop and paddock basis. The platform enables agronomists to communicate with growers on a mutual platform, share scouting notes and recommend inputs,” the company said.

“The software features interactive maps, historical spraying and weather records, crop and financial planning, budgeting, task management and inventory management. eAgronom also provides NDVI remote sensing, independent agribusiness consulting, and soil sensors for its clients.” NDVI stands for Normalised Difference Vegetation Index, which describes a plant’s development based on how it reflects different light waves.

eAgronom’s software used on a desktop.

So far, the company has been operating in Europe, but now, eAgronom is offering its services in Australia, saying its decision to enter the Down Under market was “a calculated one”.

“We had to undertake thorough research in order to choose our first market outside of Europe,” the company’s vice president of product, Kristjan-Julius Laak, said in a statement. “We found a great match between the Australian growers’ needs and what we offer.”

Ten farms have already signed up

Ten farms in Down Under – in New South Wales, West Australia and South Australia – have already joined the company’s platform. eAgronom is also collaborating with several local research institutions and organisations to maximize the benefits for Australian growers.

Martin Honner, a mixed farmer from New South Wales, and one of the first eAgronom clients in Australia, is pleased with the quick pace of development. “It’s shaping up to be a programme able to consolidate paddock management and inventory management all in one,” he said, according to the company’s statement.

eAgronom’s team.

Founded in Estonia in 2016, eAgronom claims it captured 70% of the country’s market within six months of launch and has since expanded into seven other countries. “1,500 growers throughout Europe use eAgronom to manage one million hectares of grain-land,” according to the company. A million hectares is 2.47 million acres.

Cover: eAgronom’s software used on a mobile in a field. Photos by eAgronom.

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