Estonia plans to introduce a digital nomad visa

Estonia is planning to introduce a digital nomad visa that would enable digital nomads to work and travel in Estonia for up to 365 days.

The digital nomad visa would also give these digital nomads access to the Schengen Area, allowing them to travel in other EU member states for up to 90 days.

A digital nomad is considered as a location-independent worker who performs the majority of their work online.

The digital nomad visa will build on the country’s past ten years in which it has become one of the most digitally advanced nations with initiatives like borderless banking and e-residency.

“Migration policy has to take into account the fact that in today’s globalised world, people are more mobile, often combining work and travel,” Killu Vantsi, a legal migration adviser at the Estonian ministry of the interior, said.

The new type of visa will be developed in cooperation with Jobbatical, an Estonian company that connects job seekers with companies in search of talent around the world.

It is likely the visa would be launched in 2019.


Cover: A digital nomad (the image is illustrative).

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