Travel site: Tallinn is the best place for remote working in 2021

Big 7 Travel, a Hong Kong-based global travel site, listed “50 best places for remote working in 2021”, crowning the Estonian capital, Tallinn, in the top spot.

“It’s no surprise that the world of remote workers and digital nomads is growing at a rapid rate. With more and more yearning for an independent work environment coupled with the freedom to travel, remote working is on its way to the mainstream field,” Big 7 Travel said, adding the “ongoing pandemic has especially forced many to reconsider where they are basing themselves”.

The site said that “remote working is the future, and it’s on its way fast”, which is why it “put together a list of the best cities to work from remotely in 2021”.

Of the 50 locations around the world, Tallinn is in the top spot.

“Oozing with charm”

“Estonia has enacted a new visa in recent years that allows digital nomads to work remotely in the country for up to a year. The capital city is oozing with charm and surprise that will have you living in a real-life Baltic fairy tale,” Big 7 Travel said.

“More importantly, though, the digital economy here is booming. In fact, 99% of public services [are] available online 24/7, so you’ll never have an issue with internet access. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively low, with rent in the city centre falling around $500 (with utilities, it is actually around $600-800 for a decent one or two-bedroom flat in the city centre – editor)”.

The hippest area to live in Tallinn is Kalamaja district, close to the city centre. Photo by Maret Põldveer-Turay.

The travel site said its “core data of affordability and internet access has been gathered from Nomad List”, with “many other variables” taken into account, “including countries which offer specific Digital Nomad visas”, and where to find the “coolest co-working spaces” and “expat friendly communities”.

Multinational city

Big 7 Travel, a Hong Kong-based travel site, has over a million followers in the social media and contributors from all around the world.

Tallinn is the main financial, industrial and cultural centre of Estonia. It is located approximately 80 kilometres (50 miles) from Helsinki, Finland; 320 kilometres (200 miles) from Saint Petersburg, Russia; 300 kilometres (187 miles) from Riga, Latvia; and 380 kilometres (240 miles) from Stockholm, Sweden. Around 440,000 people live in Tallinn, of which ethnic Estonians make up about 50% of the population and ethnic Russians about 35%.

Cover: A view to the Tallinn’s Old Town. Photo by Aivo Oblikas.

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