Estonian start-up Click2Drop aims to change how people buy things

A Manchester-based Estonian-founded startup, Click2Drop, is aiming to give customers the power to drop prices of products and services with the help of its platform.

“It’s staggering how much we actually overpay for the products and services every day. All of the things we buy could be 35%-78% cheaper at all times,” Click2Drop founder Taavi Turner said.

According to Click2Drop, “current sales models have some traditional but unnecessary costs.  Merchants have to spend quite heavily to reach all of their potential customers, retailers add their juicy margins and when we buy alone we don’t receive any extra discounts on the volume. Click2Drop was founded in 2014 with the sole purpose to offer a solution for these problems.”

The company said that it “combines the power of social media with the e-commerce experience. Once a deal goes live every person can drop the price by just simply sharing the offer with their friends. The more a deal is being shared the more the price drops for everyone. At the end of the deal each participant can buy the product with the same low price.”

“A few hundred test-customers have already tested Click2Drop beta platform and bought their first products,” the company noted, adding that it is now in the final stages of development.

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