Estonian World’s Sander Saar reviews Google Glass in London (video)

Estonian World’s cofounder Sander Saar has got his hands onto Google Glass, one of the most desired gadgets on the market today.

Since I have always been a keen technology fan, I’m used to following the latest developments that influence our daily lives. Some years ago, I used to do technology reviews and run a blog called Digiguru, though it was only in Estonian. After years of busy professional engagement in London, I’ve restarted one of my biggest passions of creating YouTube videos about how technology enriches and affects our daily life.

In the review of Google Glass I’m looking for answers to these questions from a real-life perspective:

– What is Google Glass?
– What do you see through Google Glass?
– What can you do with Google Glass? Is it useful?


You can follow Sander’s technology reviews in Estonian and English.

1 thought on “Estonian World’s Sander Saar reviews Google Glass in London (video)”

  1. Not correct. Apple iPhone 5 takes voice commands in calling, searching the web, navigating, tells you the message received, type a new message(reply, or even new) etc. U can actually teach iphone to understand and even spell things correctly. So it is not correct to say that Google Glass is the first one to use that.

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