Video: US jets deployed to Estonia to bolster NATO defense against possible Russian Ukraine invasion

CBS reports from Ämari Air Base in Estonia where six American F-15s recently arrived on to bolster the NATO mission.

CBS, an American commercial broadcast television and radio network, dispatched one of its reporters, Charlie D’Agata, to Estonia to report on the current tensions between Russia and the West.

CBS reports from Ämari Air Base in Estonia.

In December, the Russian foreign ministry published two documents of its vision on how Moscow’s relationship with NATO should look like; one of the demands to the alliance is that no NATO troops can be deployed in countries that weren’t NATO members before 1997 – including Estonia – without Russia’s explicit permission.

In late January, six American fighter jets arrived in Estonia at the Ämari Air Base to support the Baltic Air Policing Mission at a time when Russia is threatening Ukraine.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not have an airborne air defence capability of their own. Therefore, the protection is provided by NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission whereby more powerful allies deploy their jets to Baltic states in intervals usually lasting half a year.

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