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  • Tamme-Lauri Oak by Abrget47j, Wikimedia Commons

    An Estonian oak, called “Tamme-Lauri”, shortlisted for the European Tree of the Year

    For the second year in a row, a tree in Estonia is competing for the…

Nigeria I
Forest bear - Remo Savisaar
Tartu synagogue
Let's Do It World! in Ukraine
Winter in Otepää - photo by Jarek Jõepera
Eiko Ojala
Celebration for the re-opening to the public of Kihnu lighthouse. The woman's skirt color is meaningful. In times of mourning, it will turn black, the mourning fading away, blue will be re-introduced then the bright red will be back. A skirt keeping its owner history, a young girls usually wear a much more vivid skirt than an older woman.Kihnu an estonian island located in the Riga gulf is listed as World Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO for the unique expression of its culture through its folklore (music, clothing, customs). Kihnu, Estonia, 30 april 2013.
Kaupo Kalda, edit by Gen Vagula
Old Estonian snowmen