20 romantic phrases in Estonian

If you have an Estonian boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, no doubt there would come the time when you wanted to express your love and affection for them in their native language. Finding the right words is not easy – I know, for I have been looking for a suitable phrase list myself for quite some time and never managed to find a good one. So now I have taken matters into my own hands and compiled a list of my own.*

1. I like you a lot – Sa meeldid mulle väga

2. You’ve got a great smile – Sul on väga ilus naeratus

3. You’ve got beautiful eyes – Sul on ilusad silmad

4. You’re beautiful – Sa oled ilus

5. You look great! – Sa näed väga hea välja!

6. I have so much fun with you – Sinuga on alati nii tore

7. You are very dear to me – Sa oled mulle väga kallis

8. You make me (feel) very happy – Sa teed mind väga õnnelikuks 

9. You fill my heart with joy – Sa täidad mu südame rõõmuga

10. You’re the one for me – Sa oled mulle ainus ja õige

11. I love you more and more each day – Ma armastan sind iga päevaga üha rohkem

12. You are the most important to me – Sa oled mulle kõige tähtsam

13. I love you with all my heart – Armastan sind kogu südamest

14. You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars – Sa oled mu päike, tähed ja kuu

15. I dream of you day and night – Unistan sinust nii päeval kui ööl

16. I miss you – Ma igatsen sind

17. I am madly in love with you – Olen sinusse pööraselt armunud

18. I can’t live without you – Ma ei suuda sinuta elada

19. I love you – Ma armastan sind

20. Will you marry me? – Kas sa abielluksid minuga?


See the entire list on Tania Lestal’s blog, Estonia – Paradise of the North. Cover: A couple on the wintry beach in Estonia (Visit Estonia Flickr). * This article was originally published on 11 September 2014.

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About the author: Tania Lestal

Tania Lestal is a third generation Estonian born in Australia. Tania has studied media and communication and worked in film and television, as well as running various film festivals. She enjoys travelling and has lived in London, Berlin, Munich and Sydney. Currently operating a small online giftshop and freelancing in media.