A new English-language yoga studio opens in Tallinn

Lisa Tikka from Finland and Chantal Häberli from Switzerland have opened a new, English-language yoga studio in Tallinn, the Estonian capital.

The idea for Blissful Fix came when the co-founders, Tikka and Häberli, both expats in Tallinn, didn’t have much luck trying to find a yoga studio that offered classes in English. The duo met at a children’s school yard and started discussing the idea of opening a studio.

“The idea became reality very soon when we found our gorgeous studio space in 64 Tatari Street and immediately knew that we couldn’t let it go,” Liisa Tikka, who’s originally from Finland, told Estonian World. “Every person who has walked in through the doors, have all said the same – it has such an amazing energy and just invites you to stay and enjoy the vibe.”

The Blissful Fix yoga studio.

Tikka spent 15 years in London’s corporate world but relocated to Tallinn with her family after her husband was offered a position in the Estonian capital. Her business partner, Chantal Häberli, is originally from Switzerland and moved also to Tallinn with her family to follow her husband’s new job. She already had her own yoga studio in Switzerland and is also specialising in private yoga coaching.

The two partners said they both “have been passionate about yoga for number of years and are now beyond excited to be able to share the love with all the students joining the classes.”

They have recruited two yoga teachers – Heidi Timonen and Silja Siller – to join their team. “We all have our very own styles which is great because everyone from all levels will be able to find their favourite class. Heidi and Silja have both taught yoga around the world for years and offer such a great practice,” Häberli said.

Meditation at Blissful Fix yoga studio.

The Blissful Fix offers classes from the morning to evening to make sure people with different life situations and schedules will be able to find a time that fits.

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