A virtual trade mission is to introduce Estonia to American and Canadian businesses

A virtual trade mission, starting on 27 October, will introduce Estonia and its business environment, along with the country’s leading companies and startups, to American and Canadian enterprises, small and medium businesses and investors, offering help with building new connections.

The virtual trade mission is arranged by the Washington, DC-based International Trade Council in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia. “This first-of-its-kind virtual mission will introduce Estonia and its business environment, along with some of the country’s leading companies and startups, helping to build new connections with American and Canadian enterprises, small and medium businesses, and investors,” the organisers said in a statement.

The trade mission will be presented across four days, with each highlighting and focusing on a different sector of the Estonian business environment.

“Participants in this virtual trade mission will have the opportunity to learn about doing business with Estonia, explore the market, gain exposure to the business culture, meet with potential partners, source new products and services and find untapped investment opportunities,” Maris Prii, the director of business development for the Estonian Investment Agency, said in a statement.

The chance to connect with innovative Estonian companies

“Delegates joining the trade mission will be able to instantly tap into and connect with so many of the innovative companies and talented entrepreneurs that Estonia has to offer during the course of this four-day mission,” James S. York, the director of US business and innovation at Enterprise Estonia, added.

“They can expect to find new ideas, new products, new partners and new investment opportunities that will help drive profitability and market appeal for their own businesses operating in the States and beyond.”

Registration and attendance at the virtual trade mission are free and the event will be broadcast live.

The International Trade Council is an independent platform to help government, industry bodies, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors in various areas and ways.

Enterprise Estonia is a state-run agency responsible for promoting Estonia abroad and attracting investment.

Cover: A delivery robot made by Starship, an Estonian startup, in Washington, DC. The image is illustrative. Photo by Starship.

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