Estonian-designed Christmas tree erected in front of the London City Hall

The Christmas tree erected in front of the London City Hall near Tower Bridge is a 33-foot light installation, designed and manufactured by the Estonian company, Adam BD.

The plaza in front of the City Hall is known for its peculiar Christmas installations. According to the Estonian news portal, Delfi, the Estonian-designed tree caught the Brits’ attention at an international Christmas fair in Frankfurt, Germany, for its natural design.

“The tree, resembling a real Christmas tree, caught the clients’ eye for its successful form and unusual technology,” the designer of the tree, Kristiina Karjus, told the news portal.

“We wanted to bring a natural feel into the city space, and we got inspiration from a frosty and shiny spruce growing in a deep Nordic forest. Even though the tree was compiled from 2D modules, it creates a perfect 3D effect,” she added.

Similar trees have also been erected in Canary Wharf, a business district in east London, where 22 trees form a Christmas forest, Delfi said. The trees come to life with lights that resemble Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Adam BD is an 18-year-old Estonian company located in Märjamaa, a small town in central Estonia. Its products have been purchased by clients as far as Dubai and New Zealand.


Images by Martin Makarevitš/Delfi.

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